C.H. Bailey plc

CH Bailey at a glance

Founded in the 1880s, the company was incorporated in May 1923 as C.H. Bailey, Graham and Co. Just prior to the start of World War II, it became C.H. Bailey Ltd. Almost 50 years later, the company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Today, C.H. Bailey is an AIM listed group of businesses. In the Mediterranean Basin and East Africa it develops and operates high-end properties in the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors and in the UK, it runs specialist heavy engineering operations.

Director Profiles

Mr David Wilkinson Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Wilkinson was appointed to the Board on the 3rd August 2015. He was further appointed as Non-Executive Chairman of the Group on the 8th September 2015 following the move across by Mr Charles Bailey to take on the role of Chief Executive. 

Mr Wilkinson is on a number of boards in a non-executive capacity, including the Be Heard Group plc. He worked with  Ernst & Young (E&Y) for 37 years and was a partner for the last 24 years. He has been based in London and Bristol and was responsible for creating the E&Y entrepreneur of the year awards and specialised in helping companies grow and carry out corporate transactions, including acquisitions and flotation projects.


Charles Bailey - Chief Executive

Since joining the Group in 1977, Charlie Bailey has worked in every division of the business, concentrating on hospitality and the services part of the businesses. He has been responsible for the Tanzanian operations of the Group from 1985 to the present. He was appointed to the Board in 1998. He was appointed Executive Chairman in 2002 and remained in this role until 8th September 2015 when Mr David Wilkinson became Non-Exective Chairman and Mr Bailey moved across to a Chief Executive role.

His principal area of focus is business development, especially in respect of the Group's operations in East Africa and the Mediterranean Basin..


Mr Christopher Fielding

Mr Fielding was appointed to the Board on the 9th December 2015. Mr Fielding is a partner of Charme Capital Partners, the pan-European private equity fund, with a specific focus on UK investments. Prior to joining Charme Capital Partners in September 2015, he spent 9 years at Doughty Hanson in London, where he worked on the acquisition, transformation and exit of VUE Entertainment and the IPO of Tumi Holdings, Inc on the NYSE, on which Board he continues to sit. Mr Fielding began his financial career in the UK M&A team at Citi Corp in 2003. He has board experience in dealing with cross-border investments.